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How Do U Change Your Health Plan On Liteblue?

How Do U Change Your Health Plan On Liteblue?

Unfortunately, changing your health plan directly through USPS LiteBlue might not be available in all districts. Here’s a breakdown of the most reliable methods to update your health plan selection:

Preferred Method: Contact Your Local HR Department

  • Most Accurate Guidance: Your local HR department has the latest information on open enrollment periods and the process for changing your health plan within your specific USPS district. They can provide the most accurate instructions and any necessary forms.

  • Specific Steps: They’ll guide you through the steps involved in changing your health plan, which might include:

    • Downloading or obtaining physical forms.
    • Completing the forms with your new plan selection.
    • Submitting the forms by the designated deadline.

Alternative Method (if HR Doesn’t Use LiteBlue):

  • USPS Benefits Website: The USPS benefits website ( might offer information on changing your health plan during open enrollment periods. However, keep in mind that this website might not be specific to LiteBlue and might offer more general guidance.

  • Open Enrollment Deadlines: This website can also inform you about upcoming open enrollment deadlines, which are typically the windows when changes to your health plan can be made.

Important Considerations:

  • Open Enrollment: Changing your health plan typically occurs during designated open enrollment periods throughout the year. You might not be able to make changes outside of these windows unless you experience a qualifying life event (marriage, birth of a child, etc.).

  • District Variations: As mentioned earlier, functionalities within LiteBlue can differ by district. While some districts might allow health plan changes through LiteBlue, others might require contacting HR or using a separate platform.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Contact Your HR Department: This is the most reliable approach for getting accurate instructions and forms for changing your health plan specific to your district.
  • USPS Benefits Website (Potential Alternative): Explore this website for general information on open enrollment periods and plan changes, but confirm details with HR.

Following these steps should help you update your health plan selection effectively. Remember, contacting your local HR department remains the best course of action to ensure you’re following the correct procedures within your specific USPS district.