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TSP Guide

While LiteBlue offers a wide range of functionalities for USPS employees, managing your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contributions directly through the platform isn’t currently possible. However, LiteBlue can still be a valuable tool in staying informed about your TSP and accessing resources related to this critical retirement savings plan. Here’s how LiteBlue complements your TSP experience:


1. Accessing TSP Information:

LiteBlue might provide a dedicated section or link within the platform that directs you to the official TSP website: This official website is the central hub for managing your TSP account, including:

  • Viewing your current account balance and contribution history.
  • Adjusting your contribution percentage or allocation mix among various TSP investment funds.
  • Enrolling in the TSP loan program (if eligible).
  • Updating your beneficiary information.

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2. Exploring Benefits Resources:

While not directly managing contributions, LiteBlue’s “Benefits” section (or a similar category) might offer valuable resources related to the TSP. These resources might include:

  • Informational brochures or FAQs explaining the benefits and features of the TSP.
  • Links to educational resources about saving for retirement and investment basics.
  • Contact information for USPS Human Resources (HR) representatives who can answer specific questions about the TSP and its compatibility with your USPS employment benefits.


3. Time and Attendance Management (for eligible employees):

For employees with access to time and attendance features on LiteBlue, this functionality can indirectly support your TSP contributions. By monitoring your work hours and potential overtime earnings (if applicable), you can make informed decisions about adjusting your TSP contribution percentage to maximize your retirement savings potential.

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Additional Resources:

  • USPS Thrift Savings Plan Website:
  • USPS Human Resources: Contact your local HR department for specific guidance and enrollment details related to the TSP within the context of your USPS employment benefits.

Remember: LiteBlue serves as a valuable resource platform while the official TSP website ( remains the primary channel for managing your Thrift Savings Plan account and its functionalities.

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