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How Do You Find Posted Routes On Liteblue Edit?

How Do You Find Posted Routes On Liteblue Edit?

Finding posted routes on USPS LiteBlue depends on your specific district and the functionalities they offer through the platform. Here’s a breakdown of the two main methods to explore, keeping in mind potential variations:

Method 1: Using the eReassign Tool (if available):

  1. Log in to LiteBlue: Visit the official USPS LiteBlue website ( and log in using your Employee Identification Number (EIN) and password.

  2. Navigate to eReassign: Look for a section labeled “eReassign,” “Job Bidding,” “Carrier Assignments,” or a similar category within the LiteBlue platform. This section should be dedicated to viewing and applying for open positions, including carrier routes.

  3. Search for Posted Routes: Within the eReassign section, search for functionalities related to “posted routes” or “bidding opportunities.” These functionalities might allow you to filter and view details about currently open carrier routes within your district.

Important Note: The availability and specific name of the eReassign tool or job bidding section might vary by district. If you have difficulty locating it, consult your local HR department or search LiteBlue using relevant keywords.

Method 2: Contacting Your Local HR Department

  • Reliable Guidance: If you’re unable to locate a job bidding section within LiteBlue or are unsure about the process for finding posted routes in your district, contacting your local HR department is the most reliable approach.

  • They Can Help: They can confirm whether LiteBlue offers functionalities for viewing posted routes and guide you through the specific steps involved in applying for them within your district.

Additional Considerations:

  • District Variations: As mentioned earlier, functionalities within LiteBlue can differ by district. The availability of an eReassign tool or the process for finding posted routes might vary.

  • Eligibility Requirements: There might be specific eligibility requirements to bid on open routes. Your local HR department can clarify these requirements for your district.

By following these steps, you should be able to locate posted carrier routes within your USPS district. Remember, if LiteBlue doesn’t offer functionalities for viewing open positions, contacting your local HR department is the best course of action for getting accurate and up-to-date information.