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How To Check Annual Leave on Liteblue?

How To Check Annual Leave on Liteblue?

Here’s how to check your annual leave balance on LiteBlue, though the exact steps might vary slightly depending on your specific district:

Preferred Method: Accessing Paystub on ePayroll

  1. Login to LiteBlue: Visit the official USPS LiteBlue website ( and log in using your Employee Identification Number (EIN) and password.

  2. Navigate to ePayroll: Look for a section labeled “ePayroll,” “Payroll,” or a similar category within the LiteBlue platform. This section should provide functionalities related to your financial information and earnings.

  3. Locate Your Most Recent Paystub: Within the ePayroll section, find a link or option to access your paystubs. Click on this option to view your most recent paystub.

  4. Annual Leave Balance: Your paystub should display your current annual leave balance. It might be labeled as “Avail AL Bal” (Available Annual Leave Balance) followed by the number of days remaining.

Alternative Method (if ePayroll Access Isn’t Available):

  • Contact Your Local HR Department: If you’re unable to locate your paystub information on LiteBlue, contacting your local Human Resources (HR) department is an alternative. They can provide your current annual leave balance or direct you to the appropriate resources within LiteBlue specific to your district.

Additional Considerations:

  • Leave Accrual: Remember that annual leave accrues bi-weekly throughout the year. So, the balance you see on your paystub might not reflect any recent leave you’ve earned but not yet reflected in the system.

Remember: While LiteBlue offers a convenient platform for managing various aspects of your USPS employment, how you access your annual leave balance might differ slightly depending on your district. The most reliable approach is to first explore the ePayroll section within LiteBlue and if unavailable, reach out to your local HR department for assistance.