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How To Sign Up For Liteblue?

How To Sign Up For Liteblue?

Unlike some employer portals, USPS LiteBlue doesn’t require a traditional sign-up process where you create an account. Here’s why:

  • Pre-Registered Accounts: New USPS employees are automatically enrolled in LiteBlue upon starting their employment. Your manager or HR department should provide you with your initial login credentials (Employee Identification Number or EIN and password).
  • Activation Might Be Required: In some cases, you might need to activate your account using a temporary password or security code provided by your HR department.

If you’re a new employee and haven’t received your login information, here’s what to do:

  • Contact HR Department: Reach out to your local Human Resources (HR) department. They can confirm your enrollment status in LiteBlue and provide you with your login credentials (EIN and password) or any temporary activation instructions.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Security: USPS prioritizes data security. Make sure you’re accessing LiteBlue through the official USPS website ( to avoid phishing attempts.
  • Password Management: For security purposes, it’s crucial to keep your password confidential and avoid sharing it with anyone. If you forget your password, LiteBlue offers a password recovery process you can access through the login page.

In essence, you shouldn’t need to sign up for LiteBlue yourself. If you’re a new employee and haven’t received your login information, contacting your HR department is the most efficient way to gain access.