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LiteBlue Idea Smart

LiteBlue Idea Smart isn’t currently an official USPS program or functionality. There isn’t any public information available about “LiteBlue Idea Smart.” Here are some possibilities:

  • Misunderstood Term: It’s possible you might have encountered a misspelling or misheard the term. “LiteBlue” is the official USPS employee access portal, and functionalities within it might use different names.

  • Unreleased Feature: There’s a chance the USPS might be considering an employee suggestion or innovation platform named “Idea Smart” to be integrated with LiteBlue in the future. However, without any official announcements, this remains speculation.

Here are some resources that might be helpful:

  • USPS LiteBlue Website: ( – This is the official website for LiteBlue. Explore the functionalities offered and see if any align with the concept of “Idea Smart.”
  • USPS Employee News and Updates: The USPS website or internal communication channels might have information about upcoming features or functionalities for LiteBlue.
  • Contact Local HR: Your local HR department might have insights into potential future developments related to LiteBlue.

If you can provide any additional context about where you encountered the term “LiteBlue Idea Smart,” it might help narrow down the possibilities.