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USPS Liteblue Informed Delivery

USPS Liteblue Informed Delivery

Absolutely! Informed Delivery is a valuable service offered by USPS that allows you to digitally preview your incoming mail. LiteBlue, the USPS employee portal, plays a crucial role in managing your Informed Delivery preferences for receiving these mail notifications. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how LiteBlue and Informed Delivery work together:

Informed Delivery: A Glimpse into Your Mailbox

  • What it is: Informed Delivery provides email notifications or allows you to view digital images of letter-sized mail expected to be delivered soon.
  • Benefits: This service offers convenience by allowing you to:
    • Plan for important deliveries
    • Identify potential bills or packages requiring attention
    • Reduce the number of physical mail trips to your mailbox

LiteBlue: Managing Your Informed Delivery Preferences

  • Enrollment: While you can sign up for Informed Delivery directly through the USPS Informed Delivery website (, LiteBlue offers an alternative enrollment option for USPS employees.
  • Accessing Preferences: Once enrolled, some USPS districts allow you to access and manage your Informed Delivery preferences through LiteBlue. These preferences might include:
    • Specifying the delivery days for which you want to receive email notifications
    • Choosing how long you want to retain digital images of your mail
    • Managing notification preferences for packages (availability might vary)

Important Considerations:

  • District-Specific Functionality: The availability to manage Informed Delivery preferences through LiteBlue might vary depending on your specific USPS district. Consult your local HR department if you can’t locate the option within LiteBlue.
  • Focus on Employee Mail: Informed Delivery through LiteBlue might primarily focus on managing notifications for mail addressed to your work address or the USPS facility where you’re assigned.

Additional Resources:

  • USPS Informed Delivery Website: ( – This website provides comprehensive information about Informed Delivery, including enrollment instructions, FAQs, and a public-facing version of the Informed Delivery dashboard.
  • Local HR Department: Your local HR department can clarify if your district offers Informed Delivery management through LiteBlue and provide additional guidance.


Informed Delivery is a convenient service for USPS employees to stay informed about their incoming mail. While enrollment can occur directly through the Informed Delivery website, LiteBlue in some districts provides an additional avenue to manage notification preferences and enhance your Informed Delivery experience.